Gold Maple Leaf

  • In 1908, the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint officially opened a new branch in Ottawa.
  • This was largely sparked by Canada’s increased need for coinage as it emerged as a nation distinct from the United Kingdom.
  • In 1931, the same year that Canada became almost entirely independent from Britain, the Ottawa Mint underwent a name change, becoming the Royal Canadian Mint. Many decades later in 1979, it introduced the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin.
  • This was, at the time, the sole alternative gold bullion coin to the Krugerrand. The availability was not widespread because apartheid-era South Africa was subject to an economic boycott. Since it was initially issued, the Gold Maple Leaf, has become highly popular among gold investors.
  • Nonetheless, the coin’s gold purity has, over time, increased from 0.999 to 0.9999 fineness. Furthermore, new security features introduced in 2013 and 2015 bolstered each coin’s authenticity. In the first instance, laser technology was used to add a micro-engraved textured maple leaf to a small part of the coin’s reverse side. This mark’s center includes the coin’s year of issue, which can only be seen when magnified. Two years later, radial lines were added to the background on each of the Gold Maple Leaf coin’s sides.


Could Be An
Extremely Wise Investment

We are of course proud patriotic Americans, but we also recognize and respect our Northern friends for their production of gold Coins. The Royal Canadian Mint manufactures the beautiful, historic, and highly valuable Gold Maple Leaf coin. Furthermore, they produce some of the most sought-after gold coins available in the global precious metals investing market.The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf not only offers .9999 fineness but is also created to be authenticated premium Bullion DNA technology. In addition, it comes at a lower premium than its United States counterpart.

How Investing In Canadian Gold Works At Presidential Metals Exchange

The first step to investing in any of our products is to give our team a call. Our experts are here waiting to answer all of your questions. We also want to make sure you are making the wisest choice for your personal circumstances. Our fulfillment of your order for a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf from our selection here at the Presidential Metals Exchange depends on availability. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the specific date that will appear on the coin. However, any one-ounce Gold Maple Leaf coin that you receive from us will have a gold fineness of at least 0.999.