First Palladium US Coin

Palladium Eagles

  • The palladium American Eagle series was first Introduced in 2017 with the official bullion release which sold out in under 10 minutes.
  • The follow-up coin, released in 2018, was the first to feature a proof finish.
  • The 2019 release featured a stunning reverse proof finish,
  • and the 2020 release was the first coin in the series to have an uncirculated FInish.
  • In 2021, the U.S. Mint returned to minting palladium in a high-relief proof finish.
  • Like the releases before it, this year’s palladium American Eagle coin features designs by Adolph Weinman.
  • The obverse is the classic Winged Liberty design while the reverse features a design he created for the American Institute of Architects medal.
  • Presidential Metals Exchange also has a limited number of Proof 70 and Mint State 70 palladium American Eagles authenticated by N.G.C or P.C.G.S .

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Investing in palladium coins is a popular way of introducing a new metal into a portfolio. Due to supply and demand imbalances palladium has made large moves in the last several years and has shown its true potential to investors and coin collectors. Despite being a lesser-known metal, palladium continues to be a product of interest for investors. Furthermore, palladium is also highly valued in the commercial market. Palladium itself is used interchangeably with platinum in many ways.

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